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Dynapower/ Stratopower/ Vickers 53WK570 series hydraulic starters are used on aeroderivative turbine engines.

Turbine Engine Manufacturers:

The 53WK570 series starter was the original industry standard designed specifically for aeroderivative turbine engines. The starter has a built-in overrunning clutch pac that dis-engages the starter when the turbine reaches cut-out speed. The servo control on the starter is designed to maximize available horsepower for a smooth and fast start cycle.

Solar Turbines also uses a Dynapower hydraulic starter similar to the 53WK570 series without a built-in overrunning clutch pac.

Hydra Service also manufactures hydraulic start pacs utilizing a Dynapower pump designed to drive the turbine starters. We have a variety of horsepower ranges for application specific requirements to accommodate wash cycles, motoring the turbine and the start cycle.

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